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Our LifeCycle option gives you a higher estimated balance
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Our LifeCycle option gives you a higher estimated balance
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What do you get when you join
We've achieved above average returns
By investing in the NZ Funds KiwiSaver Scheme, you would have benefited from a scheme earning higher than average returns.
Our fees are fair, and transparent
We’re not a charity, we’re a firm of experts. We believe you get what you pay for and that New Zealanders will be better off over time working with investment professionals.
We manage money responsibly
We work with global experts ISS-Ethix to screen investments worldwide. We are also members of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia and a signatory of Principles for Responsible Investment.
We work with world class managers
Who collectively manage $620 billion. Our KiwiSaver scheme invests with world class global managers so that members get professionally managed local and international investments.
* List of investment managers at 27 November 2019. 1. LSV Asset Management at 30 September 2019. 2. Emerson Point at 31 October 2019. 3. MFS at 31 October 2019. 4. Suvretta Capital Management at 1 October 2019. 5. Universa Investments at 29 March 2019.
Our technology is market leading
Our members have access to market leading technology to check, calculate or change their investment, so they remain closely connected with their KiwiSaver account.
We're local and international
Our globally diversified approach ensures that members are invested both locally and internationally, so that their savings are not dependent on any one economy.
The above information is stated as at 18 July 2019. As NZ Funds is an active investment manager, the allocation to each country or region will change over time. Accordingly, these allocations should be regarded as indicative only, and will not necessarily represent the actual allocations at any point in time other than at the date stated. For current global diversification information, please contact NZ Funds.
We're KiwiSaver experts
Managing New Zealanders’ money is all we do. And we’re good at it. Here are some of the organisations we’ve run workplace programmes for.
We're 100% New Zealand owned
And we plan to stay that way. We’ve been managing New Zealanders' savings for over 30 years.
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