Our Portfolios are diversified across multiple asset types

NZ Funds' portfolio construction incorporates Modern Portfolio Theory (Markowitz, 1952) with the latest thinking on behavioural economics (Kahneman, 2002) and goals-based investing, as used by many of the world's leading pension funds.


Cash Deposits
Term Deposits
Bank Issued Bills
Corporate Issued Bills

New Zealand Government Bonds
Australian Government Bonds
International Government Bonds
New Zealand Corporate Bonds
Australian Corporate Bonds
International Corporate Bonds
New Zealand Mortgage-Backed Securities
Australian Mortgage-Backed Securities
International Mortgage-Backed Securities
Government Sponsored Bonds

New Zealand Inflation Linked Government Bonds
New Zealand Inflation Linked Corporate Bonds
International Inflation Linked Bonds
New Zealand Floating Rate Notes
International Floating Rate Notes
New Zealand Listed Property Trusts
International Listed Property Trusts
Inflation Sensitive Shares
Inflation Sensitive Bonds
United States Dollar
Australian Dollar
Great British Pound
Other Foreign Currencies

New Zealand Shares
Australian Shares
International Shares
Emerging Market Shares
Small Company Shares
Oil & Gas Futures Contracts
Agricultural Futures Contracts
Precious Metals Futures Contracts
Value-Orientated Shares
Base Metals Futures Contracts
Trend Following Hedge Funds
Event Driven Hedge Funds
Global Macro Hedge Funds
Long-Short Hedge Funds
Left Tail Hedge Funds
Futures Contracts
Growth-Orientated Shares

* NZ Funds is an active investment manager. Any assets referred to above may or may not be held by the Portfolios at any given point in time.

We also diversify our Portfolios across local and international economies

Our client portfolios are typically highly diversified between New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world, with a predominant focus on larger, developed financial markets

The above information is stated as at 30 September 2017. As NZ Funds is an active investment manager the allocation to each country or region will change over time. Accordingly, these allocations should be regarded as indicative only, and will not necessarily represent the actual allocations at any point in time other than at the date stated. For current global diversification information, please contact NZ Funds.


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Client complaints

Our business philosophy is to establish and enhance long-term, positive relationships with all of our clients. We recognise though that from time to time, despite our very best efforts, clients may wish to make a complaint. It is important in such instances that clients have an efficient mechanism through which they can receive a fair consideration of their concerns.

If you have a complaint contact us:

Complaints Handling Officer
New Zealand Funds Management Limited
Private Bag 92163
Auckland 1142

0508 733 337


How we deal with complaints

Upon receipt of your complaint we will immediately log it into our complaints register and it will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member for consideration.

Within five working days of receipt, we will provide you with a letter of acknowledgement that your complaint has been received. We will endeavour to keep you notified and updated on the progress of our consideration.

If your complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction through our internal complaints process you can elect to take it up with NZ Funds' independent dispute resolutions scheme.

Financial Services Complaints Limited
PO Box 5967
Wellington 6011

0800 347 257

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